ANACARD 全日空信用卡
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ANA CARD 全日空信用卡

ANA CARD is very convenient for being settled by RMB for people living in China. As long as you use ANA CARD, you can accumulate mileage of AMC of ANA, which can be exchanged to rewarded air ticket and other promotion services.

Convenient credit card available for RMB settlement
ANA CARD is co-branded credit card jointly issued by ANA and CMB, which is Visa gold credit card of dual currency. Transactions in China are settled in RMB, and in USD for transactions outside China (※). ANA CARD is global universal.
* ANA CARD can also be settled in RMB when use “UNIONPAY BANK” network outside China.

Consuming by credit card can accumulate mileage
Use ANA CARD to pay for consumption and repast and also accumulate mileage of AMC without top-limit.

Additional insurance for secure trip
If you use ANA CARD to pay for full amount of air ticket or 80% of travelling fee, you can be rewarded aviation accident up to RMB 2 million without paying any handling charges and other fees, also with the following traveling insurance.

Types of insurance Gold Card
Insurance Amount              
Aviation accident insurance Up to RMB 2 million/time
Insurance Amount(time)   
Insurance of travel inconvenience Delayed flight Up to RMB 1000/time
Delay/Loss of baggage Up to RMB 1000/time
Reset of traveling document Up to RMB 1000/time
Disrupted trip Up to RMB 1000/time

※ CMB reserves the right of final interpretation and final determination to the above free insurance service.
For detailed insurance conditions and other detailed concrete, please refer to the relative insurance service manual on the website of credit card of CMB.

Emergency medical care service
We introduce hospital providing Chinese service for 24 hours free of charge for the injured or diseased members and their relatives running across accidents in Japan.
※ Medical fees are borne by the members.

10% discount for in-flight consumption of ANA
When purchasing in-flight commodities of international flight route or domestic flight route, you will get 10% discount if you pay with ANA CARD.
※ Some commodities are excluded

10% discount in duty-free shop at the airport
Show ANA CARD at the duty free shops of the following airports of ANA Group, you will get 10% discount.

Narita International Airport
Terminal 1, South Wing ANA DUTY FREE SHOP
Terminal 1, South Wing ANA DUTY FREE SHOP MEN
Terminal 1, South Wing No.4 Satellite ANA DUTY & TAX FREE SHOP
Haneda Airport International Flight Passenger Terminal
Kansai International Airport
CHANEL , Shiroi koibito , BVLGARI , BURBERRY etc,excluded.

Privilege for living in ANA Hotel /IHG·ANA Hotel
● 20% discount for lodging
※ Different discount rate for some hotels
※ Sometimes you cannot enjoy this discount rate based on different check-in times
※ The above services are available for the members to directly reserve at the Book Center in each hotel or Tokyo
    (excluded when reserving by traveling agency)
※ Cannot be used at the same time with other discount service or privilege

● Free breakfast and beverage
※ This service is only limited to the members themselves

Tokyo Reservation Center
Dial in China: +81-3-6832-4232

Japan: 0120-455-655

Reserve online:

10% discount at “ANA FESTA” inside the airport

If you show ANA CARD when consuming inside the Japanese airports, you can enjoy 10% discount for consuming more than JPY 1000.
※ Postal commodities, books, cigarettes and wines, dairy products are excluded. In addition some shops do not participate in discount activity. (such as Starbucks)
※ Cannot be used at the same time with other discount service and privilege

Multi payment modes Easy choice
Nearly ten payment modes for your choice, even combined with the mode of consuming outside China with RMB payment, which make your consuming and payment relaxing. All USD statements due to abroad consuming or cash withdrawal, excluding the transactions forbidden by Chinese laws, can be paid by foreign exchange purchased against RMB.

Specially engaged business Premium Service
If you use ANA CARD, you can not only enjoy the convenience of consuming with credit card, but also exclusively enjoy the VIP treatment of 10000 specially engaged businesses in China (including catering, entertainment, business, hotel), you can also select commodities in tens of thousands of shops as more as you like and experience the most convenient payment mode in E times. Please log in the credit card website of CMB ( to inquire, CMB will provide many privilege businesses for your choice.

Revolving credit Flexible financing
Revolving credit is small amount loan without guarantee based on daily interest. You may flexibly choose repayment amount before the due date of the credit card statement according to your own financial position. Revolving credit is an express financing instrument, which not only enables you to enjoy consuming with credit card but also is a good choice for easy financing

Completely safe guarantee for loss of CMB Card
For reducing the risk of losing ANA CARD to the maximum extent and ensure your interest, the card holder can enjoy the service of “Completely safe guarantee for loss of card”. When there occurs loss or theft to ANA CARD, as long as you report the loss and apply to CMB, your loss under false claim occurred 48 hours before your report can be reimbursed by CMB upon your application. The gold card holder can enjoy a guaranteed amount up to RMB 15,000.00 each year.

Privacy Protection Policy of ANA
Welcome to join AMC, we need you to provide name, address, telephone number, date of birth, gender, occupation, company name and other personal information (hereinafter so called as “personal information”). Please fill in the application form after you understand our purport. Besides, AMC collects personal information for the purpose of providing the following services under strict implementing privacy protection policy of ANA.

01. Reservation, ticket sales, boarding procedure, airport ground service and cabin service.
02. Reservation, ticket sales and boarding procedure and airport ground service of combined transportation, common transportation, code-sharing, continuous transportation and trusted transportation.
03. Providing AMC service
04. Introduce, provide and manage other service or commodities shouldered by ANA
05. All relative services of the above (01, 04)
06. Conduct questionnaire relative to services or commodities of ANA
07. Develop new service or commodity
08. Carry out various promotion or business activities
09. Notify related ANA service and commodities
10. Introduce services, commodities, various activities, promotion and various information shouldered by ANA group company and cooperative company
11. Deal with inquiry or trust etc.

ANA CARD 全日空信用卡ご利用に関する特約
※ This special agreement is a special regulation subject to the “ANA CARD Application Agreement” formulated by CMB and the “Membership Regulations of ANA Mileage Club (hereinafter so called as AMC)” formulated by All Nippon Airways (hereinafter so called as ANA), the regulations relative to credit card is subject to “ANA CARD Application Agreement”, the regulations relative to AMC is subject to “Membership Regulations of AMC ”.

※ This special agreement is a special regulation subject to the “ANA CARD Application Agreement” formulated by CMB and the “Membership Regulations of ANA Mileage Club (hereinafter so called as AMC)” formulated by All Nippon Airways (hereinafter so called as ANA), the regulations relative to credit card is subject to “ANA CARD Application Agreement”, the regulations relative to AMC is subject to “Membership Regulations of AMC ”.

· ANA CARD is a co-branded credit card issued by All Nippon Airways and China Merchant Bank. In addition to enjoying mileage accumulation and the services and privileges provided by ANA, other membership services are all jointly provided by Prestige Consulting Co., Ltd. and CMB. ANA CARD is credit card which is functionally different from other ANA cards issued by ANA outside China.

· The applicants of ANA CARD are only limited to AMC members living in China and AMC members planning to go to appointed post in China.

Based on the consumption amount of the principal credit card member or the supplementary credit card, each RMB 20 is exchanged for 1 mileage (if settling in USD, each USD 2 is exchanged for 1 mileage), which is automatically accumulated to the mileage account in AMC for the principal credit card member within 2 months since the date the credit card is used. ANA and CMB have the right to change the exchange rate of mileage against the credit card consumption amount without prior notice.

· The membership fee, all handling charges, breach penalty, overdue fine, revolving credit interest of ANA CARD cannot be used for mileage accumulation. The above consumptions available for exchange mileage are subject to the explanation publicized by CMB.

· When consuming with ANA CARD to accumulate mileage, the member’s AMC information must be valid.

· The ANA mileage cannot be assigned, cannot be used together with other points accumulation activities either.

· The accumulated mileage may be invalid due to termination by the credit card member, maturity of validity, the bank’s judge which results in cancellation of accounts, or due to breach on the ANA CARD Application Agreement.

· If the customer reports a wrong AMC member code resulting unavailability of mileage accumulation, ANA, CMB and Shanghai Prestige Consulting Co., Ltd. are irresponsible for this.

· If the credit card consumption is cancelled or refunded due to whatever reasons, the corresponding mileage will be deducted or cancelled.