ANACARD 全日空信用卡
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ANA CARD 全日空信用卡

Issuing Bank?

CMB (China Merchant Bank) who has issued over 5 million cards in China.


Is there mileage accumulation for credit card consumption?

Consuming RMB 20 or USD 2 with credit card you will be rewarded 1 mileage accumulations from AMC (omitted below RMB20). But membership fee, all handling charges, breach penalty, overdue fine, revolving interest etc. are excluded.


Can overseas students apply?

All overseas students over 18 years old can apply.


Can the membership fee be calculated on daily basis if less than one year?

The membership fee which has been paid can not be refunded.


Is there age limit to apply for supplementary credit card?

18 years old or above.


Is it possible to apply principal credit card and supplementary credit card simultaneously?

You may apply simultaneously if there is space for applying for supplementary credit card on the application form.


Can the statement be mailed to my company?

You may choose on the application form.


Can the statement be mailed to Japan?

Only limited to China.


May I apply after I arrive in China?



Is it necessary to open an account with a bank in China?

Bank account is not necessary if payment is made at the counters of each branch of CMB.
Bur if you apply for automatic repayment, you need to open One Card account of CMB.


Can I use this card to consume outside China?

You may consume with this card either you are in China or outside China.
Consumption outside China will be repaid by USD if you haven’t activate the function (purchase foreign exchange for full amount) “RMB Repayment for Consumption outside China” when you repay.


What is the minimum repayment amount?

10% of consumption amount within credit line + 10% of cash advance transaction + 100% of unpaid part of previous minimum repayment amount + 100% of consumption amount exceeding credit line + 100% of charges and interest.